Why is Nigeria Becoming a Major IT Outsourcing Location?

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Why Nigeria is becoming a major IT outsourcing location

As traditional IT outsourcing destinations such as India have become more expensive and saturated, companies around the world are looking for fresh alternatives. Africa has become a major IT outsourcing hub, with Nigeria and Rwanda in particular combining the demographics, infrastructure, and needed skills to become the center of the new tech outsourcing world.  

After more than four years of experience in Nigeria, here are the top reasons this is such an attractive IT outsourcing destination for our clients.

1.  Workforce and Skills Business Leaders Need

With more than 100 million people between the ages of 15 and 35 alone, the size of the Nigerian labor market is staggering. Historically, the challenge had been ensuring those young people had the right skills to fuel Nigeria’s digital growth. Today, private companies such as our sister company elev8 are creating responsive systems for quickly upskilling and reskilling entire workforces.

One skill that is abundantly available is English. As Nigeria’s official language, 52 million Nigerians speak English and 20 million use it as their primary language at home. The sheer number of young, educated, and English-speaking Nigerians and deep government investments in IT skills have fueled the country’s rise to becoming a key destination for quality IT outsourcing.

2.  Booming Tech Sector That Welcomes Business

Driven by its vast population and government’s strategy for growth, Nigeria’s technology sector is making its mark. With startup funding increasing and new companies being founded, Nigeria’s tech boom is only accelerating. Nigeria has improved its ranking for ease of doing business from 169th to 131st while its IT sector has been consistently contributing over 10% of GDP.

Given the massive investments made over the past decade and the immense pool of talent that exists, Nigeria is positioned to be a technology superpower at the heart of west Africa.

3.  Lagos’ Remarkable Technology Infrastructure 

Nigeria is Africa’s largest market for mobile phones and services with one of the fastest mobile internet speeds, and its main cities rank among the best on the continent. To showcase its technology infrastructure, Lagos is currently developing a smart city program that includes laying thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cables for even faster broadband internet.

These programs help improve other quality of life metrics such as access to healthcare, governmental services, and social connections which are critical for the continued growth of the tech sector. Nigeria as a whole is building a foundation for sustainable growth in tech.

4.  Convenient Location For Much of The World

Sharing a time zone with the UK means Nigeria can work seamlessly with partners in Europe, North America, and much of Asia. The country’s largest city of Lagos is easily accessible with six and half hour flights from London, far faster than travel to hubs in south Asia or even southern Africa.

Tek Experts in Nigeria

Tek Expert’s outsourcing hub is centrally located in the Lagos’ bustling commercial center of Victoria Island. Our nearly 2,000 engineers provide high-quality 24/7 enterprise tech support to customers around the world. 

This location also has key amenities like state-of-the-art security, ample rooms for conferences and one-on-one meetings, medical and wellness areas, a cafeteria, relaxation area, and even a fully equipped gym. The site has a robust infrastructure with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure continuous operations. 

We are committed to providing employees with state-of-the-art training and development that enables them to grow their technology careers while making a substantial impact on their communities.

Discover why leading global brands are tapping into Nigeria and other African countries for IT outsourcing. Download our eBook to learn more.

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