Tech Support

From enterprise technical support to critical case management, we’re here to help.

Tech support

From enterprise technical support to critical case management, we’re here to help.

Our deep tech expertise and ability to truly understand customer needs sets us apart. Our team of experts helps ensure your customers get the support they need when they need it with exceptional interactions, boosting your overall value.

“We understand what it takes to deliver great technical support because engineering and tech is at our core.”

Picture of Olugbolahan Olusanya

Olugbolahan Olusanya

Global Delivery Lead


Provides a seamless extension of your team.

Agile approach and data-driven insights to optimize delivery.

Specialized training for upskilling technical and soft skills.

Proven experience in managing complex technology environments.

Premium technical support

High value customers deserve white glove support

Specifically designed for your premier customers, we provide faster response times, dedicated support teams, and a white-glove experience. We tailor the service to match your offering, creating a seamless customer experience aligned to your standards and brand identity.

“We guarantee personalized assistance and in-depth knowledge of your business to maximize your ROI.”

Picture of Bozhidar Ivanov

Bozhidar Ivanov

Regional Delivery Lead

Provide specialized support as a seamless extension of your team.

Offer deep tech and soft skills needed to handle your customers.

Specialized training for superior product knowledge and services.

Follow-the-sun operations, serving customers globally.


Single point-of-contact to ensure complete and timely resolution

We coordinate the management of critical situations for your stakeholders while your people stay focused on the strategic, highest-value initiatives. Our teams effectively facilitate resolutions to complex issues with highly orchestrated processes and communications.

“We empower employees with technology knowledge and communication skills to solve critical issues.”

Picture of Qi Zhang

Qi Zhang

Operations Manager

Service Benefits

Qualified specialists become a seamless extension of your team.

CRM-trained professionals, serving complex tech environments.

A single point of contact ensuring effective, timely resolution.

Follow-the-sun operations, serving customers globally.


Helping your high-value sales teams stay in front of customers

We provide clients’ sales teams with a centralized help desk for all their back-office needs, such as product information, pricing, and managing customer requests for help. The result is a more focused and effective salesforce and a major competitive advantage for you.

“Helping with sales solutions, upgrades, quote support– whatever you need to make your teams run smoother.”

Picture of Hang Do <br> Thanh (Sushi)

Hang Do
Thanh (Sushi)

Sales Assist
Team Manager

Service Benefits

Provide expert sales support at every stage of your sales life cycle.

Drive measurable growth in sales and account revenue.

Create integration and coordination within your sales team.

Utilizes sales data and insights to optimize sales processes.


A seamless extension of your technology team

In today’s complex enterprise technology environments, change is the only constant, and having the right tech talent is an ongoing challenge. Tek Experts Professional Services can help, providing essential technical resources from solution design to full system implementation.

“We look for engineers and IT talent that become an extension of your team. The resource you need to keep moving ahead.”

Picture of Min Wang

Min Wang

China Country Manager

Service Benefits

Technical consultation across many platforms and ecosystems.

Implementation resource that drives essential programs.

Manage services to outsource nonessential functions.

Research and development skills for accelerated progress.


Every touchpoint with your customer is an opportunity to connect

Our teams provide everyday assistance to customers in areas such as customer service and billing. This enables you to focus your teams on your core strategic initiatives while knowing you have a trusted partner going the extra mile to serve and care for your customers.

“We focus on effective and timely communication to start a positive customer experience.”

Picture of Mandy Adams

Mandy Adams

Global Delivery Lead

Service Benefits

World-class customer support experience.

Improve customer satisfaction scores and retention.

Follow-the-sun operations, serving customers globally.

Multilingual support.

Striking the Perfect Balance between AI and Human Expertise in Technical Support

 What is the right approach when combining cutting-edge AI solutions with the invaluable knowledge of human support? Find out how to navigate this complex terrain and make well-informed decisions to provide outstanding ​customer experience while leveraging AI.


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