6 Reasons You Need a Partner for Enterprise Technical Support

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Reasons You Need a Partner for Enterprise Technical Support

It’s no secret that new customer acquisitions can be tough and expensive. This means businesses need to keep retention levels high to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic world.

Exceptional enterprise technical support can help you retain and delight your customers while driving brand loyalty and ongoing revenue growth. Want to capitalize on this opportunity?

Here’re six reasons why you need to bring in the right technical services and support partner.

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1. Support must adapt to new technologies and techniques quickly

Above and beyond all the reasons on this list, truly great enterprise technical support must be quick to adapt. Whether it’s a new regulation, cybersecurity risk, support channel, or customer expectation, today’s technical support field is evolving rapidly.

Dedicating the necessary amount of internal resources to stay on top of all of these developments risks becoming a major resource drain. Hiring an experienced partner who specializes in these areas helps ensure your support remains innovative and effective.

Customer expectations have already shifted dramatically relative to just a few years ago. Today’s customers demand omnichannel experiences, self-service options, and support experiences that closely integrate with a brand’s overall experience.

But hiring and upskilling to build these capabilities is costly and time-consuming, making it difficult to adapt at the speed the market demands. By outsourcing some or all of your technical support to an experienced and reliable partner, you can get quick access to support capable of adapting fast.

Our Strategic and Adaptable Talent Resources

Tek Experts chooses key locations around the world where untapped labor markets have highly skilled talent with a deep resource pool for any technical need.

Our “ready” resources have the skills you need — and can be trained for specific requirements you have — when you need them without having to hire full-time employees.

2. Bidirectional scalability is critical

Everything from globalization to the increasing use of the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model means that support volumes are becoming less and less predictable. This applies to both a sudden increase and decrease in support demand.

However, scaling an internal support team up or down both presents substantial challenges from high hiring and firing costs to poor morale resulting from layoffs. Working with an enterprise technical support partner offers the option of moving existing specialists on or off your team as needed without the need to hire or fire.

All of this brings not only useful functionality but also peace of mind. Instead of needing to work with marketing, sales, and the C-suite to constantly predict future support needs, you can simply know that the talent you need will be available when you need it.

Tek Experts’ Provides Flexible and Customized Solutions

With our various billing models, we customize our solutions to your specific needs to give you the flexibility to scale capacity up and down with your business requirements.

Plus, this approach provides the ability to reduce costs, while improving productivity and replacing attrition with cost-effective, skilled alternatives, as you need.

3. Technical support partners enable better optimization

The flexibility offered by technical support partners enables better cost optimization. This can be done through leveraging a combination of internal and external support teams as well as by offshoring to locations that combine the right skills and expertise with lower costs.

Gaining quick access to a range of new skills and perspectives is a key advantage of working with a technical support partner. Instead of taking months to hire or train internal teams, you can access key talent and skills when needed.

And it’s become easier than ever to experiment and find the ideal partner for your unique technical support needs.

Our Technical Support Offerings

From enterprise technical support to critical case management, Tek Experts is here to help:

  • Technical Support
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Sales Team Support
  • Customer Service/Billing
  • Escalation Management
  • Professional Services

For more information on the services we provide, view our full offering descriptions here.

4. Hiring specialized partners eases compliance

With fast-changing data protection regulations and other compliance issues leading to skyrocketing costs for many businesses, bringing in an outside partner with specialized knowledge and experience in compliance just makes sense.

Even if you choose to employ a model of combining your own internal support staff with external professionals, sharing compliance expertise can ease the burden on your internal team.

Added Value from Specialized Experience

Tek Experts partners with the top enterprise brands today and will bring that knowledge and expertise to all new relationships, so you’re gaining a true value-added extension of your team on day 1.

5. Developing the skills for great support is easy with us

We’re already long past the “break-fix” model of technical support. Today’s service and support professionals need to combine technical skills with soft skills to provide more personal and effective support.

This can even mean using service and support partners to help identify sales opportunities, determine where product improvement resources should go, and better understand your customers.

Tek Experts’ Holistic Skilling Approach

Our service and support teams consistently exceed client metrics because they combine the needed technical support expertise with the soft skills that bring a good experience to an exceptional one, every time.

6. Third-party providers have access to a diverse talent pool

The diverse talent pool third-party providers have access to encompasses geographic locations that the client would not normally tap into.

At Tek Experts, we accomplish this through impact sourcing and “greenfielding” in which we open sites in locations that aren’t already saturated. For example, having a presence in Rwanda and Nigeria allows us to access and cultivate the talent we need more easily than companies looking to build technical support in saturated markets like India and the Philippines.

So, while many companies are struggling to find the talent they need for their most vital technical support, Tek Experts is cultivating that talent in geographically strategic locations.

Choose the Right Technical Support Provider Using the Right Information

Considering how deeply enterprise technical support integrates with so many aspects of your business, you can’t afford to make a decision without the best possible information at your fingertips.

Fortunately, Everest Group recently published a whitepaper on Emerging Trends and Provider Landscapes in Enterprise Technical Support filled with data and insights to empower you to succeed.

Technical Support Services for Enterprises

Tek Experts deliver technical talent solutions for enterprises and drive value through exceptional customer experience. Interested to know how we can further the success of your technical services and support teams? Let’s talk.

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