How Next-Gen Enterprise Technical Services and Support Are Driving Topline Revenue

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How Next-Gen Enterprise Technical Services Are Driving Revenue

Enterprise technical services and support is the unsung foundation of today’s massive shift towards greater digitalization. While far more focus is paid to the digital products themselves, the reality is that combining them with modern support and services dramatically enhances their capabilities.

Everything from better user adoption, faster time-to-value, and greater customer loyalty can be achieved through this collaboration.

But what does the enterprise technical services and support industry look like today? Understanding its facets, the challenges it’s facing, and what its future looks like is key to harnessing your enterprise’s full digital potential.

The need for omnichannel support, multi-lingual support, scalability, optimized cost, and a seamless experience for customers has pushed more companies toward third-party providers.

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Of course, not all third-party providers can provide for all of those key needs. That’s where Tek Experts comes in.

What the Future of Tech Support Looks Like in Action

Because we specialize in enterprise technical services and support, we understand the need to drive business outcomes instead of simply reacting to crises. Our teams combine the power of our trained team members with automated support solutions to ensure you get the consistent, quality experiences your most valuable customers need.

So, what makes Tek Experts truly different from the generalist system integrators and call centers in the tech support space?

Purpose Built

Being a specialized services and support provider means we are hyper-focused on being experts at what we do which allows us to develop purpose-built solutions that target our clients’ very specific needs.

From day one, our focus has always been entirely on Enterprise Tech. Other providers specialize in transactional, consumer services and try to run Enterprise support the same way. The problem is that just doesn’t work. To take your customers support experience to the next level your partner needs to understand the expectations and needs of an enterprise client and be able to bring to you best practices that have been pressure tested with other enterprise clients.

This intense focus on technical support excellence means our clients get specialists who are continuously trained and upskilled to really understand the business and develop both deep technical skills and soft skills. Then, through customer interactions, we consistently develop a deeper understanding of best practices that we document in technical support playbooks developed by our experts and innovators in the field.

This focus extends to the Tek Experts leadership team, which has been drawn from the enterprise tech support world. Between them they have run some of the world’s largest and most complex global tech support organizations including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and CA Technologies.

With the leadership of these individuals, our tech services and support specialists are able to consistently engage customers and drive brand loyalty.

Quality Assured

When looking for a partner to outsource technical support, you need to know your brand is being looked after with exceptional care. We continually invest in training and education, with the support of our digital skilling sister company, elev8, to be sure our people know your products and solutions as well as you – acting as a true extension of your support teams.

This expertise generates consistent, high-quality services and support across time zones and locations to produce exceptional outcomes for your customers.

Creating Value

Every client interaction is an opportunity to create a memorable customer experience, with many presenting the potential to upsell and cross-sell. One of our clients has closed $100 million in software sales from leads identified by our support engineers while they were helping solve their technical issues.

Another area where we’re creating value is cost optimization. We look at the total cost of ownership from our clients’ point of view and focus on creating value across the entire customer support experience lifecycle to reduce the overall cost of support and create value within each interaction.

We apply insights to reduce overall case volume through self-service and cause avoidance strategies leveraging ML and AI.

A Culture of Pride

We take great pride in our people, with a growing community of over 6,000 employees, and continuously support them, their families, and their communities through investments in training, education, and DEI and wellbeing programs. This translates into a people-first culture where our employees feel confident and valued in their roles at Tek Experts.

Interested in learning more about what differentiates Tek Experts from other technical services and support providers? Let’s set time to chat.

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