[Webinar] Driving Revenue: Human vs AI Customer Success Models

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, driving revenue and fostering long-term customer loyalty are fundamental for sustainable growth. Traditional approaches to customer success for low-touch accounts often rely heavily on automated systems, self-service portals, and chatbots, delivering a poor experience by neglecting the essential human element that builds strong customer relationships that produce better financial results.

With the cost to serve increasing and the timeframe to land new accounts lengthening, your existing accounts are a critical source of revenue. You must build deeper relationships with them, but how?

Watch this webinar where industry experts discussed:

  1. How and why traditional automation falls short.
  2. A different way to deliver human touch at scale in a cost-effective manner.
  3. Results you can expect.

You will leave this session with:

  • A new option to consider for increasing account coverage that drives results at scale.
  • Ideas for blending onboarding, relationship management, and renewal tactics.
  • Critical questions to ask yourself to see if this strategy is a fit for you.


John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems | TSIA


David Mangham, Head of Global Customer Success | Tek Experts

Bruce Hildyard, VP Strategy & Operations Customer Success

Patricia Day, Head of Customer Success Workspace – Americas and Japan | Google

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