Inspire: Spotlight on Women Leaders in Tech (Part II)

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Shining the spotlight on Women Leaders in Tech

Creating a fair, sustainable, and prosperous global economy, as well as empowering individual businesses and communities is impossible without diversity of leadership. Tek Experts wants to elevate and celebrate the women within our ranks that embody this principle and are always propelling us towards greater success.

Today we are continuing our “Inspire: Women in Tech” series as we tell the stories of four members of our leadership team, the journeys that led them here, and the wisdom they have gained through their experiences.

Yuki Shichen Shan, Human Resources Manager, China: Contribute meaningfully

Yuki’s insatiable curiosity was central to her success at Tek Experts and has allowed her to rapidly progress in her career. As an HR Manager, Yuki constantly strives to improve the relevancy and impact of the support she provides to her team members.

“The key to success for my development at Tek is constant learning. I’m involved in various exciting projects and my job allows me to collaborate with people coming from diverse countries and backgrounds. I’m proud of bringing value to the company and my life.”

Read the full interview with Yuki for a fuller picture of her road to success.

Jackie Kalisa, Learning and Development Manager, Rwanda: Pay it forward

Community resonates deeply with Jackie and she is determined to create a positive impact through Tek Experts that can benefit families like hers around the world. After joining the Tek family in 2021, she quickly climbed the ranks and is now paying forward her hard-earned expertise to the professional learners that are following in her wake. 

“I believe that hard work pays off. Leadership is not a title or a role, it’s the impact you make on everyone you meet and the legacy you leave behind. So being in that position should be an opportunity to mentor others and support their growth.”

Check out the full interview with Jackie and learn more about her inspiring story.  

Oanh Phan Thi, Chief Accountant, Vietnam: Focus on solutions

Oanh believes that effective leadership comes from both working smart and working hard while also taking responsibility for the outcomes of your team. Her own journey in finance began with an investment in herself in the form of an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) accounting customization program and she now uses her position to empower and inspire those she works with whilst giving back to local communities. 

“Positivity helps me make choices that lead to accomplishment. When I face difficulties, I reduce stress by thinking of solutions. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it to happen and take steps to make it happen.”

Want to learn more about Oanh’s triumphs and trials and how she makes an impact in her role? Read more here.  

Stéphanie Le-Gall-Habiche, Global Lead for Customer Success, Bulgaria: Adapt for success

As a world traveler and highly creative person, Stephanie has a strong affinity for creating positive customer experiences and effective innovation. Her multicultural background has imbued with a talent for communicating to a diverse range of audiences and is a powerful resource that she calls upon as our global lead in customer success.

“Other women inspired us and made an impact before. Now we should pass it on and keep growing. It is all about the vision we can share within the organization. Women’s perspectives and contribution to business matters.”

Dive into Stéphanie’s exciting story and learn more about her inspirational career journey.  

Are you looking for a company where you can grow and create your own success story?  Check out our job openings and join the Tek family. 

Safiyah Gold, Chief of Staff: Be the change you want to see

As Tek Experts’ Chief of Staff, Safiyah partners with our CEO and the leadership team to manage strategic projects, drive performance and engagement, shape our unique culture, and help to grow the company. She is an inspiring and visionary change agent who creates opportunities aligned with the company’s vision while investing in people’s growth.

 ”Think of the big picture. It creates a win-win scenario to invest in the people around you by inspiring, empowering, and encouraging their development. A focus on growing your teams progresses the whole organization and builds capabilities to reach new heights.”

 Read the full interview with Safiyah and learn more about her extraordinary journey to success.

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