Inspire: Spotlight on Women Leaders in Tech (Part I)

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March 1, 2022

Female leaders play a crucial role in helping advance businesses and the global economy. To recognize and celebrate Tek Experts’ women in leadership who are making a huge impact in the tech sector and beyond, we’re launching our “Inspire: Women in Tech” series. 

Today we spotlight five members of our leadership team who speak about their unique journeys to success and the lessons learned along the way. Let’s dive right in. 

Nadia Atanasova, Senior Global HR Manager: Embrace change

Nadia’s boundless enthusiasm and remarkable leadership have made her a valued member of Tek Experts’ Global Human Resources (HR) team. Before stepping into her current role, Nadia made a major career change. She had the courage to start all over again and pursue the career of her dreams:

“From the Country Chief Financial Officer position for one of the world’s largest banks, I stepped into a junior HR role to transform my professional path. Eight years later, I’ve become a global HR leader at a fast-growing international company and would encourage anyone to embrace change.”

Read the full interview with Nadia and learn more about her extraordinary journey to success. 

Katrina Busch, Global Head of Marketing: Keep learning

As a key member of Tek’s leadership team, Katrina leads teams to grow the business and enhance brand recognition. She is a passionate and inspiring leader who is constantly reinventing herself to take on new challenges and make a difference.

“I grew into my role by being a constant student — pushing myself to try to learn something new every day. But it’s not just about being book smart, emotional intelligence is just as important. Empathy and understanding must be a part of your every day as well.”

Learn more about Katrina’s caring and energetic personality and her incredible journey to success. 

Elizabeth Vega, Site Leader, Costa Rica: Truly care

In her role, Elizabeth is responsible for connecting the Global Tek Experts strategy with the local execution. She is a talented and determined leader who promotes collaboration between the teams while supporting employee satisfaction and company growth.

“Your job as a leader is to show your teams that you care. When you care, you’ll be more successful in supporting your people. This will push you to develop your leadership skills, gain trust, and build stronger teams that can accomplish anything.”

Want to learn more about Elizabeth’s triumphs and trials and how she makes an impact in her role? Read more here. 

Gloria Kaligirwa, Country HR Manager, Rwanda: Make an impact

Gloria is an inspiring HR leader who has started from scratch and set up three HR departments in three different organizations. At Tek, she delivers HR services across the Rwanda site while providing strategic and administrative support to the entire company.

“It brings me joy when an employee walks into HR with a problem, and I’m able to listen, understand and make a positive impact. I feel satisfied and energized when people leave my office happy, confident and fulfilled.

Dive into Gloria’s exciting story and learn more about her inspirational career journey.”

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We hope that our interview series helped uncover the tenacity of women leaders at Tek, how they pushed boundaries and managed to rise to the top of their industry. Stay tuned for part two of our sequence, where we’ll feature another set of inspiring women in leadership positions. 

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