[Webinar] Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow: Where, Why, and How

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Building the Tech Workforce of Tomorrow webinar

Building the Tek Workforce of Tomorrow: Where, Why and How

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Technology business leaders have been challenged by a shortage of technical talent and digital skills for some time, but this scarcity of tech talent has recently been magnified by the rapid business changes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the effects of COVID-19, and the Great Resignation.

Now, with the added threat of economic recession, finding and retaining the right technical talent, within budget, has only become harder.

In this session, a panel of experts working across the globe will share some of the innovative ways we are building the tech workforce of tomorrow. We’ll share real-life examples of how businesses are solving the challenges of filling their digital skills gaps and explain how this can impact both your business and communities in positive ways. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Where businesses are headed to expand their technical talent pools.
  • Why leaders need to look at alternative tech talent solutions to close digital skills gaps.
  • How employability programs and digital education investors are providing alternative talent sources and positively impacting businesses and communities.

You will leave this session with confidence in the future of technology talent and possess more knowledge on alternative ways to augment and scale your technical teams to grow with your business.

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John Ragsdale, Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems | TSIA
Aileen Allkins, Chief Customer Officer | Tek Experts
Gary Bennett, Rwanda Country Manager | Tek Experts
Sharmi Surianarain, Chief Impact Officer | Harambee
Belyse Uwambayinema, L2 Technical Support Engineer, Rwanda | Tek Experts

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