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Tek Experts attending the TSIA Envision conference

It’s hardly surprising that when we think about how technology is changing the world, we focus on the technology itself. But the reality is that people are what truly drive the future of tech.

We spoke at the 2022 Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) Envision conference where several of our senior leaders shared their insights and experiences showing how we are tackling digital skill gaps.

The Scale of the Challenge

An increasingly dire skills gap is already shaping the tech world. One McKinsey study found that a staggering 87% of senior executives believed their companies were not ready to address skills gapsAileen Allkins, Chief Customer Officer of Tek Experts explained the implications:

Many companies don’t have plans to address the digital skills gap. They’re aware of them and know that the roles they have now and roles they will need in the future require skills that they don’t have. And worse, they don’t yet have a plan for how they’re going to get those skills.

This is unsustainable. Many companies are not just failing to move towards a real solution but are actively putting up entry barriers for technical roles. Today, many companies require technical degrees and several years of experience before they will hire because they do not have the time to invest in skilling their workforce.

However, the supply of qualified talent is running low and companies are looking to find alternative tech talent sourcing solutions. Businesses trying to stay ahead of the global tech talent shortage are skilling people with less technical experience but an eagerness to learn and grow their technical careers. This vastly expands the size of potential talent pools for both current and future roles that businesses need to fill.

But this is only one element of a wider strategy for addressing digital skills gaps.

3 Ways Companies and Governments Are Addressing Digital Skill Gaps

1.    Investing in the current workforce

Not a new concept, but what is changing is that companies are looking at digital skilling for both current roles and future ones. They’re creating skills plans to get people from where they are to a position where they’re prepared to fulfill the roles of the future.

2.    Exploring new talent pools

Impact sourcing and greenfielding have enabled us to both explore and actively develop new talent pools, with fantastic results. By going beyond purely local talent searches and traditional outsourcing destinations alike, we’ve been able to cultivate high-performing talent with more flexibility and freedom than would otherwise be possible.

3.    Employing alternative sourcing strategies

Relying on the old strategy of only hiring highly trained staff who already have all the qualifications you need is far too limiting. The ability to hire people with the right foundation before upskilling them for their new roles opens up far more flexibility in sourcing.

End-to-end tech talent solutions

Our approach to helping companies tackle their talent gaps breaks down into four key areas.

1.    Source: We help companies by looking at where to source talent

This may be at scale or for a small number of highly specialized roles. Our global footprint also enables us to do this in a wide variety of locations, often bypassing traditional outsourcing locations.

2.    Skill: We identify key skills gaps

Through our digital skilling sister company elev8, we look at which skills gaps are most prominent. If they’re hiring people without the precise skills they need, we can help address those gaps.

“If you’re hiring people who maybe don’t have the technical degrees you’re looking for but have experience and just might have some gaps, then we can help address those skills gaps relative to the role,” comments Aileen Allkins, Chief Customer Officer of Tek Experts.

3.    Grow: We look at individual learning journeys to grow talent

In collaboration with elev8 and their competency management platform, Talentwize, we create personalized learning journeys that guide people not just through a series of skills they need to develop but show how those skills map onto a clear career path. This has the related benefit of drastically increasing retention since having a clear career path is immensely important for young people today.

4.    Scale: We scale access to talent

We help companies scale by sourcing the right talent, when they need them, in unique locations, giving our clients flexible options to either hire teams directly, use Tek Experts as an employer of record, or use a traditional outsourcing model. This flexibility in engagement can be particularly useful for companies experiencing hiring freezes alongside critical talent needs.

Filling Your Tech Talent Gaps

Tek Experts helps enterprises around the world fill their tech talent gaps in unique and flexible ways – ensuring exceptional customer experiences. Our specialized solutions are scalable, cost-effective, and delivered at speed—covering the entire customer lifecycle to help boost loyalty, renewals, and engagement.

Want to learn more about our end-to-end tech talent framework? Download our eBook, How to Survive the Global Tech Talent Crunch, or contact us today.

Session Speakers:

Aillen Allkins, Chief Customer Officer, Tek Experts

María Balbás, President, elev8

Gary Bennett, Country Manager Rwanda, Tek Experts

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