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Tek Experts Nigeria celebrates Good Deeds Day 2023

This year Tek Experts employees were proud to join with millions of others across the globe to support global change as part of Good Deeds Day.

What is Good Deeds Day?

Launched in 2007 by Shari Arison, Good Deeds Day is an annual initiative that invites people to take impactful action to create positive change in their community and our world.

How does Tek Experts give back?

2022 was the first year Tek Experts was globally involved in Good Deeds Day, with colleagues in six countries coming together to celebrate and spread good deeds.

But for 2023 we wanted to do even more. We’re proud to say that each of our sites celebrated not only on April 16th, the official Good Deeds Day, but also throughout the entire month of April!

Throughout what we called “Good Deeds Month”, colleagues in seven countries carried out good deeds for their local communities and beyond as part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives, and we were thrilled to see the outcomes.

“Tek Experts participates in Good Deeds Day as an opportunity to live out the We Care company value, with gusto! Through acts of kindness, our teams create meaningful social impact for their peers and communities and nurture the environment.

“This empowered action fulfils our corporate social responsibility ambitions, and at the same time reinforces our engaged work culture. By turning Good Deeds Day into a whole month, we get to maximize participation and multiply our impact.”

Safiyah Gold, Chief of Staff & Head of Global Giving Back Crew, Tek Experts

Tek Experts’ Good Deeds initiatives


Partnering with a local eco-organization, Tek Experts Bulgaria has committed to creating the Tek Experts Forest as part of our corporate social responsibility initiatives in Bulgaria. 

Throughout April, team members received training and planted trees, which the company will continue to maintain over the coming three years as the trees grow into a forest that can support the local people and land, supporting the environment and changing the local landscape for the better.


Twenty employees visited the Autism Center across April to share donations of food and money, totalling over $1,000, and to meet and play with the children. 

Our Experts in China have been supporting the Autism Center over the past four years, and Good Deeds month allowed the team to deepen their connections with the children and their caregivers.

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the Tek Experts team dedicated their April to supporting attendees of the Elderly Center at Hogar Albernia.

While spending time with the residence, Tek Experts Costa Rica also offered snacks and cool drinks to combat the heat, before pledging a donation of $1,000 to support the shelter as they continue their important work for elders in the area.


Tek Experts Rwanda planned not one but three activities throughout April, including a fruit sharing day among colleagues, donating food and offering their support to underprivileged people around Kigali, and planting 15 tree at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial.

This memorial is the same location where Tek Experts employees created a small commemorative garden last year. Employees from across the organization created the next stage of the garden and learned more about the history behind the memorial to understand its impact on the country and its people.

Tek Experts Rwanda donates food to community members for Good Deeds Day.
The team poses after donating food to community members.
Tek Experts Rwanda volunteers plant trees at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial for Good Deeds Day.
Tek Experts Rwanda volunteers plant trees at the Ntarama Genocide Memorial.


Across Tek Experts Nigeria colleagues participated in “good deeds bingo,” which included links to resources supporting and encouraging individuals to pursue good deeds related to the fields and causes that most resonated with them. 

Within our Tek Experts offices, good deeds stayed at the forefront of our minds. All employees were asked to make their own Good Deed Pledge for the rest of 2023, because our teams recognize that Good Deeds should not be constrained to a single day, or month, but should be practiced all year round.

Tek Experts Nigeria volunteers donate household supplies to a local elderly living facility.
Tek Experts Nigeria volunteers donate household supplies to a local elderly living facility.
Tek Experts Nigeria team shares fruit together for Good Deeds Day to promote physical health.
Tek Experts Nigeria team shares fruit together to promote physical health.


In Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tek Experts created the Tek Outlet – a base for donated food, clothing, and hygiene products that could be taken by employees as needed for their own use or the use of those in need around them.

This follows on from the Good Deeds carried out in 2022 by Tek Experts USA when colleagues came together to collect and distribute similar donations to local thrift stores for the use of those in need.


Coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Tek Experts Vietnam, the team in Hanoi saw Good Deeds Month 2023 as an opportunity to celebrate while also creating positive change.

The team at our Lotte Sky Garden office came together to create a Positive Vision Wall where colleagues were asked to share their vision for making the world a better place and creating a better future for all before taking action and offering charitable deeds to one another. 

Tek Expert Vietnam’s Positive Vision Wall for Good Deeds Day
Tek Expert Vietnam’s Positive Vision Wall

The Tek Experts Giving Back Program

Tek Experts Giving Back program is part of our corporate social responsibility efforts to stay conscious of our impact on our people, the communities that we operate in, and the environment. Through Giving Back we enable not only our colleagues but our communities and the wider world to benefit from our values that We Care, we are Stronger Together, and we Learn and Grow.

Want to join a team that cares and works together to make a difference around the world? Apply today.

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