Tek Experts Helped Major Software Provider Drive $60M in Incremental Revenue

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Software provider maximized lifetime value by deepening relationships through customer success.

The Challenge

A leading software company was missing key revenue growth opportunities with existing clients because they were unable to expand its internal customer success teams and thereby foster stronger customer relationships. To address this challenge, they sought technical specialists with comprehensive product knowledge who could identify key products and services that would unlock the most value for their customers.

The client wanted all employees to feel responsible for growing the business and developed a program to enable and incentivize cross-selling and up-selling across all roles, including technical. However, they needed help increasing the program’s impact and optimizing processes by cost-effectively expanding their customer success function.

Tek Experts was already providing the client with specialized technical support services. Since a majority of the client’s customer-facing roles were technical support engineers employed by Tek Experts, the client turned to Tek Experts to optimize and grow their customer success program through these technical roles.

Our Customer Success Solution

Tek Experts developed a comprehensive solution to address the client’s challenges and enhance their customer success efforts:

  • Training Curriculum: We designed and implemented a thorough training curriculum for our Tek Experts specialists to ensure a deep, masterful understanding of all the client’s products not just the products they were specifically supporting, to enable more cross- and up-selling.
  • Coordination and Communication with Direct Sales: Tek Experts had daily check-in calls with the client’s sales team to coordinate onboarding, ensuring a strong connection and coordinated effort between the direct sales force and the communications we were having with the client.
  • Predictive Analytics: As our teams began analyzing data from the CRM, they realized the data was incomplete. By appending the data files with critical missing elements, we could accurately predict which products and services the client might need next.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Tek Experts developed technology and processes for the global teams to share daily learnings from the field to take advantage of new findings and insights.
  • Lead Qualification and Validation: Leveraging our expertise, we identified and qualified customer success leads based on upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities. Once qualified, we seamlessly passed the customers to the client’s internal team for validation and quoting.

The Impact

Through Tek Experts’ strategic approach, the client witnessed remarkable results and drove significant business growth:

  • Within Tek Experts’ first year supporting this program, we exceeded their expectations and the client requested we train their internal teams on a program they’d been running for 13 years.
  • 78% of the client’s accounts are managed by Tek Experts, and our employees account for 98% of onboarding, building brand loyalty and strong customer relationships during the crucial onboarding phase.
  • Our teams generated $60M in incremental revenue through upselling, cross-selling, and renewals, by improving the relationship and coordination between sales and support through incentivized sharing of key learnings.
  • CSAT increased by 10%, reaching an impressive 96% for the total support experience. Non-sales roles now have a direct impact on the business, with recognition and rewards for their contributions.
  • The clients’ direct sales force can now focus on new product releases and strategic areas, while Tek Experts ensures stable growth of the base business.

Learn more about our customer success solutions, or connect with us to find the best solution for your organization.

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