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The Tek Experts team planting trees in the park

At Tek Experts, we host a Stronger Together webcast each month for our employees around the world to provide information about various topics related to our 6 dimensions of wellbeing. February’s webcast focused on the importance of environmental sustainability, how we as a company plan to reach our sustainability goals for 2023, and how our employees can support our sustainability efforts and establish their own personal goals. 

At Tek Experts, our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030. 

In order to do this, we have numerous initiatives already in place to encourage an eco-friendly company culture and we’re establishing more processes and activities that will help achieve our sustainability goals. 

Our current sustainability initiatives: 

  • Environmental webcasts to increase knowledge among employees 
  • LEED and BREEAM certified office buildings with high efficiency air systems, lighting controls and building monitoring systems to decrease energy consumption 
  • Offices located near public transportation hubs and company shuttles provided in Nigeria to reduce CO2 emissions from commuting 
  • World cleanup day participation and tree planting 

Our upcoming sustainability initiatives: 

  • Decreasing energy consumption with solar energy and higher efficiency mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment 
  • Programs encouraging the use of carpooling, bicycles, e-bikes, and hybrid and electric vehicles 
  • Programs encouraging recycling and e-cycling 
  • Reducing air travel 
  • Establishing company policies that require purchase of energy efficient or sustainable products and services from organizations with climate commitments 
  • Conserving water by reusing greywater and rainwater for irrigation and toilets 

As of now, similar to many other tech companies, commuting is our largest contributor to CO2 emissions based on our annual commuting survey. Hence, reducing commuting emission contributions, as well as offsetting these emissions, is a key focus in current and future initiatives.  

One way we are offsetting these emissions is through our partnership with One Tree Planted. Not only does Tek Experts donate to their reforestation projects throughout the year, but every time a Tek Experts employee completes the commuting or employee opinion surveys, Tek Experts plants a tree through One Tree Planted. 

What is One Tree Planted?  

One Tree Planted is a US based, non-profit organization focused on global reforestation to restore environments after deforestation, create jobs and build communities, and protect habitats for biodiversity. They work with partners in 74 countries across all regions of the world

“We have partners that plant trees in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, you name it. The only place we’re not planting is Antarctica right now. But if we could plant trees there, we would.” 

– Cassandra Vitiello, Director of Customer Service, One Tree Planted 

Why does Tek Experts Partner with One Tree Planted? 

Tek Experts chose to Partner with One Tree Planted because the initiatives align well with our 6 dimensions of wellbeing. Not only does One Tree Planted improve environmental well-being, but it also impacts the growth of career opportunities and improved, social, financial, mental, and physical wellbeing of local communities.  

One Tree Planted also aligns well with our We Care value, by ensuring their projects are beneficial to the local communities and are successful long term. They do this through quality assurance processes such as planting native tree species grown in nearby nurseries, pairing community knowledge with global technical expertise, and performing monitoring and maintenance that ensures a minimum 80% survival rate. 

Tek Experts volunteers plant trees in Costa Rica, 2022.

Tek Experts volunteers plant trees in Rwanda, 2022. 

Our 2023 Sustainability Impact 

As of February 2023, we have planted 6,530 trees with One Tree Planted since 2021. 


We planted 1,000 trees across 3 locations.  

  • Minnesota, USA: 333 trees were planted with a focus on recovering the Chippewa National Forest due to insects and disease. The goal of this project is to improve the wildlife habitat and the forest’s resilience to climate change. 
  • Rwanda: 333 coffee trees were planted for smallholder farmers to increase harvest and income. The project provided increased financial opportunities for the farmers, their families, and their communities. 
  • Vietnam: 334 trees were planted to restore the Kon Ha Nug Biosphere Reserve, a habitat for many animal species. 


We planted 2,000 trees across 4 locations. 

  • Costa Rica: 567 trees were planted to restore a mature tropical dry forest which has undergone long periods of deforestation, crop cultivating, cattle grazing, and soil degradation. 
  • India: 488 trees were planted as part of a 2.5 million tree project. Fruit trees were planted to create sustainable income for smallholder farmers in marginalized communities and to provide nutritious food for the local communities. 
  • Oregon, USA: 487 trees were planted as a reforestation project to benefit wildlife, fisheries, and recreation after hundreds of thousands of acres were affected by a devastating fire in September 2020. 
  • Vietnam: 488 trees were planted to continue the restoration of the Kon Ha Nug Biosphere Reserve. 


We have committed to planting over 3,500 trees in 2023. 

  • Panama: 500 trees are being planted in Los Santos, Chiriqui, and Veraguas Provinces, linking natural resource management to economic development, and protecting, conserving, and sustainably using natural resources and ecosystems to reduce the negative effects of climate change.  
  • Ghana: 500 trees are being planted as part of a bamboo restoration project in Bandai Hills where surrounding communities have experienced climate change, decreased stability of rainfall, uncontrolled fires, and extremely low income. This project provides sustainable income opportunities, focusing on female empowerment and training, and will indirectly stabilize microclimates. 
  • Idaho: 500 trees are being planted in this reforestation project to maintain and enhance watershed function and improve wildlife habitat. These forests are used by local communities for several outdoor activities including acting as an area of solitude for surrounding urban populations. 
  • England: 500 trees are being planted in this Essex Forest Initiative intended to connect people with nature. Community volunteer support will be educated on the planting and maintenance of the sites. 
  • Indonesia: 500 trees are being planted in this Sumatra Peatland Agroforestry project expected to benefit 630 people in 230 households. It will involve the work of various women groups and will enable the community to have more predictable harvests for consumption and commercial use as well as reduce the risk of fires and floods. 
  • Rwanda: 500 trees are being planted to continue the Kula Coffee and Shade Tree Project, where coffee trees are being planted for smallholder farmers to increase harvest and income. The project provides increased financial opportunities for the farmers, their families, and their communities. 
  • Brazil: 500 trees are being planted across two different projects. One project is supporting the implementation of a land-use framework to promote long-term sustainable agriculture and forest landscape restoration for income generation and biodiversity conservation. The other project similarly aims to protect the planet’s resources, create jobs and generate income for local populations. 

Individual Commitments to Sustainable Practices 

We are proud of our partnership with One Tree Planted and all we will have accomplished in our first 3 years of partnership, but we are aware there is still so much that can be done to improve the environmental wellbeing of our planet. We encourage our employees to make conscious decisions both in and out of work to make our world a better place, including reducing or eliminating single use plastics, supporting local farmers, unplugging unused electronics, using renewable energy, and many more eco-friendly habits. 

Interested in working with a team that values the growth of individuals, communities, and the planet? Apply now to grow with Tek and together we can do our part to make the world a better place. 

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