Increasing Opportunities for Women in the Technology Industry with Microsoft Leap

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Applicants for the Microsoft leap programme

Since 2019, Tek Experts has been a strategic partner for Microsoft Leap, a program focused on supporting career opportunities for women in the IT industry.

“I had the pleasure to cofound the Microsoft Leap Program in 2015 with the mission to recruit, develop, and upskill unconventional talent from all walks of life”

-Chun Lu, Co-Founder, Microsoft Leap

Want to hear Chun Lu discuss the global impact of Microsoft Leap? Watch now.

What is Microsoft Leap?

Microsoft Leap is designed to transform the lives of people previously overlooked by the technology industry both because of their backgrounds and locations, transforming them into empowered participants in the industry.

This is accomplished through instructor-led training followed by a program where candidates are embedded in engineering teams across multiple organizations. They work on real projects and deliverables with hands-on support from managers and mentors on their teams.

The program is in place in Nigeria, Rwanda, and Bulgaria. Tek Experts plays a key role by sharing its deep expertise in digital skilling, career mapping, and the tech industry.

The Impact of Microsoft Leap

The statistic that most embodies the success of Microsoft Leap thus far is that 98% of participants are employed in the industry after completing the program. These are people who previously had few prospects for entering the tech industry and who have now been put on the path toward a fulfilling career.

In particular, the program has focused on giving more women a path toward a career in tech. Currently, only 25% of technology sector employees are women, depriving the industry of valuable experience and perspective.

“As a woman in tech and a lifelong learner, I continue to serve as an advocate for underrepresented communities in global employability by intentionally creating and leveraging opportunities to meet talent where they are.”

– Chun Lu, Co-Founder, Microsoft Leap

But the greatest impacts are felt on the individual level.

“I have progressed my skills and career beyond my wildest imagination. I can confidently say that I am on my way to becoming a world-class engineer.”

– Grace Anselm, Technical Support Engineer II, Microsoft Leap Participant

Watch this video to hear why participants in Rwanda chose to join the program and what their experiences have been like.

How Tek Experts Is Expanding the Impact of Microsoft Leap

We’re excited to launch a new cohort of Microsoft Leap, expanding its impact outside of Africa for the first time. Tek Experts continues to play its role as a critical partner, leveraging its presence in Rwanda, Nigeria, and Bulgaria to help recruit, train, and place Microsoft Leap participants to ensure they get the most out of the program.

“Tek Experts’ intention and support with Microsoft Leap has enriched our shared communities, preparing talent with the skillsets they need to effectively contribute.”

– Chun Lu, Co-Founder, Microsoft Leap

Today, we’re excited to continue to see both Microsoft Leap and its alumni expand their impacts on communities and individuals around the world, opening doors, creating opportunities, and enhancing diversity for the benefit of the entire industry.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Leap and other initiatives we have in place to decrease the global digital skills gap? Contact us today.

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