How Nigeria’s Cyber Hackathon Is Improving Lives Through Tech

Julio Rumaldo -

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The technology community recently came together in Lagos, Nigeria, for an important mission – to improve cybersecurity solutions for marginalized groups. The Cyber Hackathon 2023 competition brought hackers, developers, and cybersecurity experts together to create customized solutions and address the needs of marginalized communities, such as the physically and mentally disabled, to bank, access government funds, and use devices securely from home.  

Collaboration Sets the Stage for Responsible Cybersecurity

Sponsored by the American Business Council (ABC) Nigeria in collaboration with Tek Experts, this year’s hackathon had a special focus on enabling people with disabilities to access accounts, make transactions, and use devices securely from home. ABC’s CEO, Margaret Ole, explained that this event is about delivering independence and empowerment by including marginalized groups in the design process. For her, the hackathon drives both social impact and technical innovation hand-in-hand. 

The hackathon builds on recent initiatives in Nigeria to boost cybersecurity, increase public understanding, and educate young developers on critical challenges while prioritizing inclusiveness as cyber risks grow alongside internet-connected devices.  

The collaboration represents a new approach to raising awareness and enhancing cybersecurity skills. By developing practical solutions for the voiceless and challenged, it spotlights an overlooked priority in protection efforts.

Olugbolahan Olusanya

Cybersecurity With Social Impact

Nigeria’s hackathon shows how the tech community can self-organize for more inclusive and effective cybersecurity. As digital adoption grows, protecting the vulnerable is crucial. By collaborating early on, the hackathon also gets ahead of potential regulations. 

Starting with the needs of disabled people, designers can build protections that ultimately safeguard everyone online. The solutions coming out of this hackathon may offer insights applicable to the wider population. By putting marginalized perspectives first, it sparks creative problem-solving. 

This spirit of innovation thrives when considering diverse needs and voices. The hackathon gives young developers a sense of social purpose and responsibility. Building accessible tech that empowers the marginalized demonstrates cybersecurity’s far-reaching societal benefits. 

As technology expands globally, Nigeria’s hackathon highlights the demand for inclusive protections and awareness. It offers a blueprint for how governments and tech leaders can join forces to spread understanding, enhance skills, and tailor real-world solutions to those most at risk. 

By proving that innovation and equality go hand-in-hand, the Cyber Hackathon 2023 sets the pace for responsible and progressive cybersecurity now and in the future. 

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