Empowering Change: The Tek Fellowship Story

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The Tek Fellowship is a remarkable volunteering club that defies conventions and makes a positive difference in the lives of our community and employees. Starting with just five members in ​​Sofia, their exceptional team spirit has grown the Fellowship into a close-knit group of 30 dedicated individuals. This unique environment fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation for Tek employees, leading to a stronger and more united workforce.

“I like the team spirit going around the most within The Fellowship. This is an amazing group of open-minded people, full of energy and eager to make the workplace fun, an environment everyone can enjoy. In other words, it feels like a second home. A home where all Tek employees feel welcome, appreciated, and accepted for what they are.”

– Bozhidar Ivanov, Global Manager (Director, Operations)

Expanding Reach to ​​Varna

In February 2023, the Fellowship achieved a significant milestone by expanding its operations to Varna. This expansion allowed the Fellowship to have a broader impact and strengthened its presence in the local community. Operating proudly in both cities, the Fellowship now plays a crucial role in site development, contributing to the growth and success of Tek in both regions.

Fueling Change One Plastic Cup At A Time

The Fellowship launched an inspiring initiative in Varna, focusing on recycling plastic caps to support the “​​I Believe and Help” charity. By collecting plastic caps, the Fellowship promotes sustainability and contributes to vital healthcare projects. The funds from the collected caps have been used to acquire a medical helicopter and establish ​Bulgaria’s first kids’ ambulance. Through this initiative, the Fellowship is making a tangible impact on the well-being and health of those in need.

Charity Kitchen

The ​Tek Fellowship’s commitment to making a positive impact extends to their involvement with the ​’For Our Children’ foundation, a charity helping vulnerable children and their families in Bulgaria since 1992. In an inspiring charity event, Tek employees actively participated by purchasing homemade food to donate. This initiative supported a noble cause and helped cultivate a stronger sense of community within our company, fostering stronger bonds between departments simply by sharing homemade dishes.

Aiding People In Need

Even during crisis, the Tek Fellowship stands ready to support communities in adversity. When devastating earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria, The Fellowship and our Varna and Sofia offices quickly organized donations of essential goods, collaborating with the Bulgarian Red Cross and other non-governmental organizations to support the affected countries.

Planting Trees for a Thriving Planet:

As advocates for environmental responsibility, the Fellowship undertook the ambitious “Plant the Tek Forest” campaign. Dedicated teams joined forces to plant over 350 trees and made a commitment to taking care of this forest for years to come. With this fantastic campaign, The Fellowship helps combat climate change and brings teams closer together to focus on creating a much greener future for everyone to enjoy.

Team Fun and Employee Well-Being

Recognizing that employee satisfaction and well-being are essential for a thriving workplace, the Fellowship organizes diverse team-building activities and events. From company parties to sporting events and special treat days, the Fellowship creates a positive work environment rooted in camaraderie and friendly competition. These activities foster relaxation, connections, and enjoyable experiences for all employees, promoting a sense of happiness and fulfillment in the workplace.

Empowering Change

The Tek Fellowship’s inspiring journey encompasses expanding reach, impactful initiatives, and a focus on employee satisfaction. Through their dedication, the Fellowship strengthens the bonds within the Tek Experts community while substantially impacting the broader community. Led by extraordinary members, the Fellowship consistently unveils new and exciting events for the future. By blending passion and camaraderie, the Tek Fellowship shapes our workplace into an environment where employees feel supported, valued, and inspired to create a lasting positive impact. Through their energetic efforts, the Fellowship transforms Tek Experts into a force for good, uniting employees and making a meaningful difference in the world.

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