Cultivating the Next Generation of Tech Talent

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Cultivating the next generation of talent

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will require organizations to be able to scale talent quickly in order to adapt to evolving technology and consumer needs.

In fact, more than 50% of executives say that developing the skills of existing employees is the key to retaining top talent and improving organizations’ capabilities, according to a recent report by McKinsey. Tek Experts and its sister company, elev8, collaborate to develop highly skilled tech professionals that deliver exceptional customer experiences unique to each client.

A skilled workforce & seamless client integration

Tek Experts focuses heavily on the need for continuous digital skilling and employee development to nurture and grow top technology talent. Leveraging the expertise of elev8, a leading partner for global digital skilling and transformative education initiatives for enterprises and governments, we build robust programs that create structured learning paths for our employees.

The deep tech expertise of our teams enables us to operate as a direct extension of our clients’ support offering and creates strong synergies with their Customer Experience (CX) strategy and capabilities. In this way, we become a seamless member of our clients’ organizations, driving exceptional outcomes, product adoption, increased renewal rates and top-line revenue growth.

We really work hard to be an integrated part of the organizations we work with, we like to say that there’s no light between us.

-Dave Parker, Client Delivery Lead, Tek Experts

The Future of Digital Skills Development

As digitalization continues to ramp up, the demand for leading talent and expertise continues to increase globally.

According to OECD estimates, more than 1 billion jobs will be transformed by technology in the next decade and there is already a global digital skills shortage.

In 2020, PwC reported that over 75% of CEOs were concerned about a lack of crucial skills among their employees.

Organizations that want to remain competitive, especially those that are tech or data-dependent, must match their ambition with investments into digital skills development.

Our commitment to nurturing top talent

We provide a holistic solution bolstered by an open library of technical information and troubleshooting content that is accessible to every Tek Experts engineer.

This repository is also open to our client’s technicians who can add their own discoveries, creating a knowledge ecosystem that grows organically with time.

Our drive to nurture top talent is crucial to driving customer success and revenue growth for our clients. We equip our people with the required hard and soft skills through our partnership with elev8. Tek Experts’ engineers have the opportunity to benefit from elev8’s certified and immersive training programs based on our clients’ specific needs. Thus, Tek Experts teams are constantly enhancing their professional capabilities to deliver exceptional and measurable results for our clients.

Making skills global

Elev8 is a global leader in rapid professional skills training, delivering certified courses in ITIL, Kubernetes, Networking, and Windows Server processes as needed at a global scale.

Subsequently, our engineers are continuously updated with emerging technology trends as well as the skill sets needed to succeed and progress in their careers.

Elev8’s alumni represent our preferred choice for sourcing new talent since we can guarantee the quality of the training they received, their expertise and experience.

Elev8 is committed to delivering high-quality services to our partners… by investing in tech talent and equipping them with hands-on experience that makes for long and successful careers in the IT field.

– Jeannie Bonilla, Head of Learning Experience, elev8

Elev8’s global positioning means that it can quickly source local talent, and training academies in countries such as China, Costa Rica, Nigeria, and the US are now being developed to further this end.

An intuitive partnership

As we were already providing high-quality technical support capacity to leading companies, uniting with elev8 was a logical upgrade of time-to-value on hiring top talent.

Building a knowledge ecosystem

The knowledge base is where Tek Experts, elev8, and our clients all meet. It combines Tek Experts direct insights with the expertise that elev8 has gathered to level-up current students and support its alumni in the field globally.

Although clients can access this knowledge base as needed, tenured IT professionals are essential to its application, and elev8 helps develop these professionals.

While elev8’s skilling programs are designed to expand and improve existing competence, experienced coaches also pass on the ability to train other members of the client’s organization – train the trainer.

Learning to Teach is the backbone of self-sustainability in a knowledge-based economy and we fully embody that concept.

Two paths, one vision

Above all, our partnership with elev8 enables us to answer our clients’ short and long-term technical support needs at a global level.

The marriage of these two services embeds a Learning to Teach philosophy within the organization and synergizes their individual strengths.

Check out our specialized enterprise tech services and support to learn more on how we can drive exceptional outcomes with purpose-built solutions to meet your business goals.

Interested in speaking with one of our experts to explore how Tek Experts can support your business? Let’s connect.

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