Championing Sustainable Impact: An Interview with ​Gary Bennett

Yoana Hristova -

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At Tek Experts, we’re all about recognizing the passion and dedication our team members embody and inspire in others.

Today, we invite you to join us as we sit down with a remarkable individual.

Meet Gary Bennett, Country Manager for Tek Experts in Rwanda, who was recently nominated for the prestigious 2023 Meaningful Business 100.

This ranking celebrates an outstanding group of leaders who have masterfully combined profit and purpose to achieve the United Nations’ global goals. Gary’s nomination speaks volumes about his exceptional social entrepreneurship and sustainability work and unwavering commitment to making an indelible difference. 

Join us for a captivating conversation that dives into Gary’s journey, values, and the profound transformative impact he has been making in creating in Rwanda and on a global scale.

1. Congratulations on being selected for the 2023 Meaningful Business 100. Can you tell us a bit more about this prestigious ranking and what this recognition means to you?

Thank you! This recognition confirms my strong belief in the power of creating sustainable employment opportunities with room for career growth. It’s not just about work; it’s about making a real difference in the lives of individuals, their families, and the communities they’re a part of. This is all part of our mission to support and uplift our country.

Our approach strikes a balance between the needs of a commercial entity and the ecosystem it fosters. It’s all about fostering trade rather than relying on aid as the catalyst for change. What’s even more special is that I was nominated by one of our NGO partners in Rwanda. It’s truly rewarding and a testament to the value we bring to the table.

2. What’s your main focus in social entrepreneurship and sustainability, in a few words?

My focus is all about bridging the gap between the global demand for skilled individuals and the supply of those skills. Social entrepreneurship isn’t about charity; it’s about recognizing people’s potential to excel, even if their path isn’t traditional. 

Sometimes, it’s not about their past experience but rather the environment we create for them right here and now that empowers their success. By approaching this as a profit-generating venture, we establish a sustainable, mutually beneficial situation – where success for each person we employ translates to success for our clients, their customers, and, ultimately, Tek Experts, both as a company and for its employees.

3. Can you tell us more about your role at Tek and how it ties into your work in social entrepreneurship and sustainability?

As the Country Manager for Tek in Rwanda, I see my role as overseeing the entire Team Rwanda experience from start to finish. Think of it like being the Head Chef in a Michelin Star restaurant. I have a team of exceptional individuals who craft every dish on our menu. My role isn’t to cook each dish – they’re far more skilled at that than I am. Instead, I’m here to ensure that everything leaving the kitchen is of top-notch quality and creates a memorable experience. 

This consistent, exceptional experience fosters a working environment that people want to be a part of. It instills confidence in our values and the investments we make in people and communities. What we do is a collective effort, and being a key part of that collective sets the tone and allows it to flourish and grow.

4. What inspires you the most personally and professionally in your work?

That’s an easy one! What truly inspires me is witnessing people achieve success. 

It’s safe to say that no one wakes up one morning and says, “I want to work in an outsourced support business!” My journey began when I established an offshore operation for a UK company in South Africa. What became clear to me very quickly was the remarkable impact our work had on people’s lives. In regions with high unemployment rates, our business creates opportunities for income, personal growth, and choice. Moreover, this business is accessible to individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, making it inclusive rather than exclusive.

5. Any advice for colleagues and employees looking to make a meaningful impact in these areas?

It all starts with believing in people and crafting an experience within your sphere that leaves a lasting impression and sets the stage for success. In fact, every achievement within our Tek family contributes to the support of social entrepreneurship. Each time we hit our True-Blue scorecard, whether in one country or another, we’re essentially opening doors in other parts of the world for our clients to expand and generate employment.

I often speak to our new recruits on their very first day, emphasizing how their success directly influences Tek Rwanda’s growth and its ability to employ more people. We began with just 50 individuals handling two lines of business for one client. The success of these trailblazers has directly led to our growth, now with over 500 employees managing multiple lines of business for various clients. This, my friends, is what sustainable impact looks like, and each of us has a role to play by excelling in our respective positions, no matter where we’re located in the world. My place just happens to be in Rwanda!

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