3 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your IT Services and Support to Rwanda

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Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your IT Services and Support to Rwanda

As global markets have matured, many of the traditional IT outsourcing destinations of the past have become far more expensive and competitive. This has led companies around the world to favor outsourcing to regions that can better balance cost with the high-quality skills they need to serve their customers.

Rwanda has established itself as a key destination. With its safety, stability, growth, and GMT +2 time zone Rwanda is a gem in the heart of Africa for European and Asian clients. 

Here are three key reasons why Rwanda should be at the top of your list when considering outsourcing your business’ IT services and support:

1.  Impressive and Growing Talent Pool

Building a world class technical support operation requires access to a deep technical pool of highly skilled and motivated talent. Because of the foresight of both the government and educational sector, Rwanda is ripe with both.  

Rwanda is one of the top performing countries in sub-Saharan Africa for primary education and enrolls more than 44,000 university students each year. 98% of children are enrolled in primary school and the country continues to promote a STEM and ICT focus across all levels of education.

With a third of the population between ages 18 and 35 years old, this market is producing strong technical talent that is hungry to work in the IT sector. 

Beyond technical skills, outsourcing destinations also need workers who speak your language. Rwanda is uniquely positioned here. While English, French, and Kinyarwanda are all official languages, English is the main language of education, so graduates are ready to use it at work from day 1.

2.  IT Sector With Strong Governmental Support

Rwanda is widely known as a burgeoning tech hub, and the government sees the sector as key to the country’s long-term prosperity. Backed by favorable regulations and government investment, the country has been ranked in the top 40 countries in the world for ease of doing business.

This investment includes Rwanda’s extremely reliable fiber optic network, 95% 4G LTE coverage, and increased educational focus on STEM.

3. Sustainable Growth and Stability

Rwanda’s population growth is at a steady 2.5% alongside GDP growth rate of nearly 10% before the Covid-19 pandemic. That is an ideal combination for long-term investment. 

In the capital of Kigali, the largest contributor to the GDP is the service sector and the government is further developing the city as a regional and global tech hub.

Beyond growth, Rwanda is not only the safest country in Africa, it’s one of the safest in the world for travelers and locals.

Tek Proven Success In Rwanda

What really matters is what companies are accomplishing in the Rwandan IT support outsourcing space today.

Tek Experts opened our office in Kigali’s central Kiyovu district in 2021. The 4,000 square meters of modern office space already houses more than 150 world class engineers providing 24×7 tech support to leading global tech companies.

This is an ideal location close to our partner universities, public transportation, restaurants, and breathtaking views of the famous rolling hills of central Rwanda. With our canteen facility, 24/7 security, comfortable break rooms, and plenty of well-stocked collaboration spaces, we’ve developed our Rwandan home into a place where our teams can thrive. 

We also work with our sister company elev8 to upskill our teams, and ensure their expertise keeps pace with the evolving needs of our clients. 

Discover why leading global brands are tapping into Nigeria and other African countries for IT outsourcing. Download our eBook to learn more.

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