The Great Application: The Future of Tech is People

TSIA The Great Application

Are you facing the challenge of finding, hiring, training, and retaining technical talent? If so, you’re definitely not alone.  87% of companies are not prepared to address digital skills gaps, according to McKinsey.

With the great resignation, quiet quitting, and the next career departure trend that’s around the corner, we know the constant pressures and fewer resources are making your ability to deliver great customer experiences and scale your business difficult.

What if you had a partner who could create a great application bringing proven and innovative approaches to your organization for sourcing, skilling, growing, and scaling talent to the needs of your organization, now?

We spoke at TSIA World in 2022, discussing real-life examples of how we are changing the tech talent landscape across the globe with a special focus on Africa and women in tech. We explained what options are available to bridge the tech talent gap so that you’ll leave with a fresh view of what’s possible.