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The Tech Talent Summit, an extraordinary tech event sponsored by Tek Experts, elev8, and CRUSA, brought together over 60 influential business leaders and government representatives in Costa Rica. Their mission? To tackle the challenges faced by the tech talent industry and explore innovative strategies for developing and retaining top talent. Let’s explore the key highlights from this leading industry event.

Pillars of a thriving knowledge-based economy

Flora Montealegre, the visionary Executive Director of the CRUSA Foundation, ignited the audience with a passionate call to action. She emphasized the urgent need to transform Costa Rica’s education system and promote continuous learning. Montealegre unveiled the four crucial pillars of a thriving knowledge-based economy:

  1. Educated and Skilled Population: Nurturing an educated and highly skilled workforce that can meet the demands of the job market.
  2. Dynamic Information Infrastructure: Creating a cutting-edge information infrastructure that empowers innovation and shapes the future.
  3. Supportive Regulatory and Economic Environment: Establishing a supportive environment that encourages entrepreneurship, investment, and a vibrant tech industry.
  4. Robust Innovation Ecosystem: Fostering collaboration, creativity, and knowledge-sharing to drive productivity and economic growth.

Bridging the digital skills gap

Aileen Allkins, Chief Revenue Officer, Tek Experts and elev8, addressed the critical issue of the digital skills gap. With the demand for technical talent outpacing the supply, businesses face challenges in adopting emerging technologies. Our sister company elev8 has been at the forefront of addressing the digital skills gap, providing extensive training opportunities in Costa Rica and globally.
Through strategic collaborations with governments, leading technology organizations and private foundations, over a thousand individuals in Costa Rica have received technical training from elev8. Elev8 has also driven digital skilling programs worldwide, including initiatives in Qatar, Africa, Oman, Dubai, Greece, and Turkey. By bridging the skills gap, the organization empowers individuals and businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving tech industry.

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Costa Rica’s vision for education and talent development

Paula Bogantes, Minister of Science and Technology, shared Costa Rica’s bold vision for education and talent development. Critical thinking, power (soft) skills, and nationwide connectivity are some of the key areas of focus. Moreover, collaboration with multinationals and institutions is driving progress in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and gender diversity, with a commitment to further improvements.

Panel discussion: Building the workforce of tomorrow

In an insightful discussion led by Jeannie Bonilla, elev8 Global Country Manager, the panelists delved into the essential building blocks for creating the workforce of tomorrow:

  • Connecting Individuals to Job Opportunities: Creating platforms that bridge the gap between job seekers and employers.
  • Upskilling and Reskilling: Fostering a culture of continuous learning to keep up with emerging technologies.
  • Strategic Commitment and Labor Policies: Prioritizing talent growth and retention through supportive labor policies.
  • Sector Collaboration and Dialogue: Breaking down silos and fostering collaboration to address talent challenges collectively.
  • Alternative Training and Education Models: Embracing innovative approaches to cater to the needs of different generations.

Building a resilient and diverse workforce for the future

The Tech Talent Summit ignited conversations and paved the way for transformative change in the tech industry. Collaboration between sectors, academia, and institutions is crucial for constructing a resilient and diverse workforce. The event emphasized the significance of education, continuous learning, and adaptability in meeting the dynamic demands of the tech talent landscape.

The summit united industry leaders and government representatives in a quest to develop and retain top talent in the tech industry. The event served as a rallying cry for collaboration, emphasizing the profound significance of education and adaptability in meeting the demands of the tech talent landscape in Costa Rica and beyond.

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