7 Places to Turn for the Best IT Services and Support

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The best places for IT Services and Support

Finding the right partner and location to service your IT customers isn’t just about cost. Any price is too high if you’re paying for subpar IT services and support and not consistently exceeding customer expectations. What you should be looking for is scalability, language, culture, and most of all, quality. And now you have choices. Globalization, improved education, infrastructure, and ease of doing business have created a large collection of capable hubs for IT services and support around the world.

These are the 7 locations proving to be successful hubs for delivering on customer demands.

1. Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been a regional IT leader for decades. Today, it boasts large IT support outsourcing operations for companies such as HP, Oracle, SAP, VMware, CISCO, and Tek Experts. This success has been supported by excellent language skills, a 10% flat tax on corporate income, and low costs despite being in the European Union.

All these factors combined make Bulgaria a stable, affordable, and high-quality location for IT support outsourcing.

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2. China

As China shifts its economy from manufacturing toward higher skill, technology-based activities, the path towards a robust IT support industry has opened. The country produces an enormous number of qualified graduates each year. Combined with the Chinese government’s intense focus on building IT infrastructure, the foundation for a thriving IT support outsourcing industry is solidly in place.

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3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the ideal IT outsourcing hub in Latin America because of its location, languages, and government policy. The country’s English levels are among the best in the region and the government’s serious investment in education and skilling has produced a population which leads the region in digital fluency. It’s no wonder Costa Rica has transformed itself into the Silicon Valley of the Latin world and a top destination for IT support outsourcing in the Western Hemisphere.

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4. Nigeria

Nigeria is becoming an African technology superpower, with tens of millions of young Nigerians speaking English and strong investment in IT infrastructure. Sharing a time zone with the UK also makes it easy for IT outsourcing to serve much of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. New digital skilling programs are closing existing skills gaps and enabling companies like Tek Experts to build large and effective IT support operations.

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5. Rwanda

In the last two decades, Rwanda has made remarkable progress in transforming itself into an African technology hub. From having both English and French as official languages to becoming ranked 38th in the world for ease of doing business, Rwanda has become a safe, efficient, and sustainable location to establish IT support outsourcing. These and other factors convinced Tek Experts to open an IT support location there in 2021 and its success in that short time has already shown the immense potential of Rwanda.

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6. USA

The US, Colorado in particular, offers a lot when it comes to IT support outsourcing. With over 360 IT companies, Colorado Springs is rightfully seen as the main tech hub of the central US. The area’s large amount of universities and high rates of Spanish native speakers mean you can find the ideal combination of the right skills, the right languages, and a high number of young graduates. Add in world-class IT infrastructure and it’s clear how Colorado balances higher labor costs with unbeatable quality.

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7. Vietnam

Vietnam has a population of nearly 100 million with a median age of just over 30. This country has the young, IT-literate professionals necessary to build a robust IT support operation. Nearly 55% of Vietnamese speak English and the government is committed to increasing that number over the coming years.

Vietnam also boasts the fastest growing IT market in the world and a commitment to become one of the top IT countries globally in the coming decades. The country clearly has all the key elements needed for high-quality and affordable IT support outsourcing.

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Looking for the Ideal IT Services and Support Partner?

Finding a partner with trusted experience and outstanding outcomes in ideal locations around the globe can be easy.

Tek Experts has a global workforce operating in a follow-the-sun model. Our current offices are just the beginning as we continuously expand to new areas with a focus on locations where we can make a positive impact on the local communities.

We frequently establish offices in unsaturated markets, resulting in access to larger talent pools and more resources. Having access to more talent and the capabilities to digitally skill them through our sister company, elev8, helps us to better serve our clients in the aftermath of the Great Resignation.

With a strategic global presence and substantial experience in building robust IT services and support teams, we can handle clients’ most complex, critical needs.

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