What Makes Bulgaria an Ideal Tech Outsourcing Location?

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Office buildings in Sofia, Bulgaria

Once a relatively quiet and unassuming country tucked in the far corner of Europe, Bulgaria is now a dynamic IT hotspot brimming with venture capitalists, young and eager tech talent, and the ideal culture and infrastructure to bring them all together. 

Companies around the world have been investing in multiple locations throughout the country for their IT outsourcing. Here are the top three reasons:

1. World-class Tech Talent

Bulgaria has been a regional IT leader for decades, at one point building 40% of the computers used by the entire Eastern Bloc and the country currently produces more than its fair share of IT graduates. This workforce has strong communications skills with more than 86% of Bulgarian high school students studying English with French and German being popular choices as well.

As a result, a host of blue-chip companies from around the world have opened large offices in the country. Alongside these foreign companies, the country has also developed a vibrant domestic tech industry, even creating its first unicorn in March 2022.

2. Government Dedicated to Growing the IT Sector

For years, Bulgaria has been committed to making itself a more attractive place for doing business, such as adopting a 10% flat tax for personal and corporate income. More recently, an entire technology park has been constructed in the country’s capital of Sofia to support startups and their SMEs to develop innovative technologies. 

Global companies can also see the government’s dedication to growth in the country’s lightning-fast internet, favorable business climate, and wealth of young talent. This is all more than enough reason to build a presence in the country.

3. Strategic Geographic Location 

Located in the heart of southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is easily accessible from the rest of the continent and world via its 4 international airports. Key business hubs like London are less than 3 hours away. The country is in the UTC +2 time zone, which means it is within 1-2 hours of the rest of the continent and not far off other strategic locations such as east Asia.

Tek Experts in Bulgaria

We know Bulgaria is a fantastic location to build an effective IT team because we’ve already done it. Along with a presence in the seaside city of Varna, our 5500 m² main site sits in the heart of Bulgaria’s capital of Sofia. The city’s 1.29 million residents are surrounded by natural beauty including the bustling Mt. Vitosha which offers pleasant summer walks and winter skiing. 

More than 700 Tek Experts engineers deliver world-class tech support to our clients in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic. We also offer Customer Success Management, Escalation Management, Premium Support, Foundation Support, and Project Management from this location. 

The office is well equipped with modern conference rooms, relaxation areas, canteens, and other amenities to help our employees feel their best. Despite Bulgaria’s low crime rate, we still take safety very seriously with robust security protocols including employee badges and visitor escorts.

Bulgaria is a fantastic place to outsource IT support, but your strategy should include multiple locations to help customers at all hours. Read our latest article outlining 7 important locations for IT services and supportto see how you can build a global presence to better serve your customers.

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