Ensuring Cybersecurity Resilience in Financial Services Companies in Nigeria

November 22, 2023 12:30 PM WAT

Digital transformation has created an explosion of new digital financial services both for individuals and enterprises. However, the growth and sophistication of cyber threats are posing a major threat to the accelerated digital development and competitiveness of Banks in Nigeria.

Cybersecurity is never about whether an attack will happen or not, but rather about when it will happen. The evolving attacks over the years on financial services and infrastructure providers have resulted in severe financial, economic, operational, and reputational loss on both the targeted organization and the industry. It is therefore critical to strengthen cybersecurity in financial services companies to build better, more resilient, and more sustainable businesses.

In this webinar, leaders from the financial industry in Nigeria and cyber experts from Cytek Security will discuss:

  • Latest global trends in cybersecurity for financial services companies
  • Current cybersecurity threats in the financial sector in Nigeria
  • How to develop and implement strategies to mitigate the cybersecurity risks and avoid putting your customers, your sensitive data, and your reputation in danger 
  • How can financial companies in Nigeria utilize cybersecurity as a strategic resource and turn it into an enabler
  • Key steps to complete before and during a digitalization process.


Introduction to Cybersecurity in the Financial Services industry

  • Overview of the Current State of Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector
  • Key Challenges and Threats Faced by Financial Institutions in Nigeria
  • The Importance of Cybersecurity Resilience

Expert Insights and Best Practices

  • Industry-Wide Perspective and their approach to Cybersecurity
  • Sharing Experiences and Successes
  • Highlighting Key Strategies for Resilience
  • Insights on Collaborative Efforts
  • How to overcome key cybersecurity challenges in the FS sector

Interactive Discussion and Q&A

  • Open Discussion among panelists

Closing Remarks

  • Summarizing key takeaways


Dr. Harrison Nnaji 

Group Chief Information Security Officer, FirstBank 

An accomplished Data and Information Security strategist and practitioner with 17+ years’ experience in conception, engineering, design, delivery, operation and optimization of cyber risk projects for enterprise grade environments. 

Michael Arov

Head of Cytek, Global Cyber Defense Expert.

Michael is a seasoned cybersecurity expert, with over 25 years in cybersecurity leadership roles. As Head of Cytek, he is responsible for developing and delivering the company’s strategic vision and offering.

Michael has held C-level positions in NASDAQ-listed companies, focusing on innovative products, built and managed cyber business units in major defense corporations, and led a national cybersecurity research institute.

Michael has successfully delivered national-level projects including National CERT, sectorial SOCs, and cyber end-to-end solutions for critical infrastructure such as national banks, transportation, and more.

Anat (Rubin) Garty

Chief Cybersecurity Architect, Cytek

Anat is a cyber defense specialist with over 20 years of experience in public and private sectors. She has served as CISO, Cyber Program Manager, and Chief Cybersecurity Architect among other roles.

Anat is experienced in building national and sectorial security operation centers, including the design and implementation of distributed financial SOC, linking 78 entities for a central bank, and designing a national-level CERT.

Anat provides Cytek with a unique view of cyber architecture having worked both on developing cybersecurity products and implementing large-scale, highly sensitive defense projects.

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